Men’s Empower Groups Intake Form

If none of the above options work for you, which day/time/format works best with you to participate in one of our Empower Groups? (The purpose of this question is to understand interest for future group meeting options)

Consistency - We commit attending every meeting as practically possible and to support one another by being an authentic friend.Character - We commit to model our lives after the example and character of Jesus.

Confidentiality - We create safe environments of complete trust by respecting and protecting others in the group. We keep everything shared with each other confidential and do not share anything to anyone outside of our group (including spouses/ girlfriends).  

Competency - We commit to do homework, study the bible and continually grow our knowledge of God. We follow through with what we learn and apply it to our lives.

Community - We commit our talents, treasure and time to serve the vulnerable in our community.

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Darin Latham
July 3, 2022

How Can I Recognize God’s Voice?

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