How Do I Find My Calling

How Do I Find My Calling

We have recently taught on the topic “How do I find God’s calling in my life?”
and we would like to give you some resources to help you on your journey.

First, if you have not yet watched the sermon, you can find it here Click here.

Second,  in order to find what God is calling you to do you need to know about yourself.

1) Where am I on my spiritual journey? Click here.

2) What is my personality type? Click here.

3) What are my spiritual gifts? Click here.

Finally, once you have complete these we would love to meet with you and help talk about your calling.

How Do I Find My Calling
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Andy Gabruch
Adults Discipleship

Adults Discipleship

Welcome to our Adult Discipleship page. All events, programs, courses, and classes are available for you to continue your journey towards Christ-centered living.

Andy Gabruch
Andy Gabruch
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