The Alpha Course

Begin the Greatest Adventure! Try Alpha!
Alpha’s Next Season Starts on January 11th, 2023
5:45pm, dinner starts | 6:30pm, Alpha starts | 8:00pm, Alpha closes

Alpha’s Next Session Starts on April 12, 2023
Free dinner starts 5:45PM
Course starts: 6:30PM
Location - Lower Auditorium, Vancouver Campus (online option available)
Alpha’s Next Season Starts on January 11th, 2023
5:45pm, dinner starts | 6:30pm, Alpha starts | 8:00pm, Alpha closes

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a 10-week series that creates a space for you to explore life, faith, and God in a fun environment. Attending Alpha is different: there is no pressure, no follow up, and no charge. Every Alpha session has three key elements:

Connect over a complimentary hot meal.
Content presented by an interactive video talk that freely explores the basics of the Christian faith.
Conversations around your table discussing and exploring the topic of the night in a friendly and honest environment.

All of this is done in a relaxed environment where everyone is welcome!


What Topics Does it Cover?

Alpha is for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you grew up as a Christian or have never been to church, if you are 18 or 80 years old, if you are working, studying or anywhere in between. Alpha is for YOU!

Week 2: Why Did Jesus Die?

Week 3:  How Can I Have Faith?

Week 4: Why and How Do I Pray?

Week 5: Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

Week 6: How Does God Guide Us?

Week 7: How Can I Resist Evil?

Week 8: Does God Heal Today?

Week 9: What About the Church?

Week 10: Why and How Should I Tell Others?


Preview Alpha Video

You can have a sneak peek into the Alpha video series by watching this 20-minute preview: 
Is There More To Life Than This?


Searching Issues

If you are taking the Alpha Course, you don’t want to miss reading these e-Books where Nicky Gumbel dives deeper into tough questions about faith and Christianity. Check these out!

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

What About Other Religions?

Is There Conflict Between Science and Christianity?

What About the New Spirituality?

Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good?

Is the Trinity Unbiblical, Unbelievable and Irrelevant?

Is Faith Irrational?


Who Will You Invite to Try Alpha?

Share the hope you have with the people you love! Be a Bringer!

Alpha is a great opportunity to invite your friends to hear the gospel and explore a relationship with Jesus. You can even attend with them!

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