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They are like mosquitoes around a campfire or flies at a picnic.  They are nagging questions that swirl around your head every now and then.  You do your best to brush them away, but you'd much prefer to nail them, once and for all.  This series is designed to help you do that very thing.  

What Is the Purpose of Hell?
Sunday, April 28th 

Is There Room for Evolution and Dinosaurs in The Bible?
Sunday, May 5th

Did God Command Genocide in the Old Testament?
Sunday, May 19th

Why Does God Allow Suffering and Evil?
Sunday, May 26th

Is the Bible Reliable?
Sunday, June 2nd

How Can I Understand the Trinity?
Sunday, June 9th

Why Is God So Strict About Sex?
Sunday, June 23rd


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[ GIRLS GRADES 8 - 12 ]

We believe in a community that builds up one another instead of tearing one another down and this weekend is dedicated to challenge and inspire the hearts and minds of girls in the Fraser Valley and GVRD.

June 14 6PM - 9PM / June 15 10AM - 6:30PM
Warehouse Campus - 2650 Slocan St, Vancouver

Cost: $20 (until April 30), $30 (starting May 1)
Does not include lunch

To register go to

More info: Contact Pastor Sydney Teichroeb


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REGISTER NOW FOR SEMESTER 3 (April 17 – May 15 )
Join us Wednesday Nights from 6:30pm-8pm for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 7 

Registration is only for our VANCOUVER location. For Kids Club Thursday Nights at our Port Coquitlam campus, please email

Workshop and Instructor Details:

Instructor: Leila Santana

Leila has 11 years of experience teaching ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap. She is excited to teach this workshop a mix of modern dance and jazz! Max capacity of this workshop is 20 children.


Instructor: Non Ha

Non has over 15 years of experience and is the Youth Development Coordinator for BC Wrestling, a high school wrestling coach and is also involved with kids wrestling programs in the Vancouver area. Look forward to learning new skills while having fun rolling on the mats. BC Wrestling will provide a safe and fun environment for kids to engage in physical activity to encourage long-term athletic development. Max capacity is 25 children.


Instructor: Kathy Lucas

Kathy leads Broadway Church’s Creative Arts Workshop, and she will be hosting a variety of art experiences, including painting, collage, clay sculpture and other crafts. Max capacity is 12 children.



This workshop includes sports and fun games, to include a variety of physical activities, new skills and team building. Max capacity is 25 children. 

For more info on Vancouver location Kids Club, please contact