Life. Lesson. Sermon Series

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Every life provides a lesson

Starting Sunday, January 13
Vancouver Campus
- 9am, 11:15am & 6pm
Port Coquitlam Campus - 9am & 11:15am

The view from an airplane at 30,000 feet is very different from the view from the ground.  Looking at a life from a distance of centuries is very different from looking at a life as it is being lived.  In this series, we are going to take the 30,000-foot view of some lives that were lived thousands of years ago.  Using the benefit of this 'bigger picture perspective' we are going to glean some practical truths.  The ingredients in this series are simple:   life + lessons.

  • Samson:  A He-Man with a She-Weakness
    Sunday, January 13th

  • Abigail:  Living with An Unstable Spouse
    Sunday, January 20th

  • Absalom:  The Fruit of An Undisciplined Family
    Sunday, January 27th

  • Rehoboam:  A Case Study in Hypocrisy
    Sunday, February 3rd

  • Uzziah:  The Dark Side of Success
    Sunday, February 17th

  • Esther:  When Courage Is Crucial
    Sunday, February 24th

  • Jonah:  A Story of Stubbornness
    Sunday, March 10th