The Genesis Process

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The Bridge
The Bridge to a new beginning is a Christ-centered care and healing ministry at Broadway Church that provides understanding, tools and accountability for lasting change. The Bridge uses the processes by Michael Dye in “The Genesis Process”.

People who have tried other approaches for change are turning back to God to search for answers that the world and their own efforts have not been able to provide. Our program is proven to help many who have despaired of ever changing.

At the heart of the ministry is the idea that we may be living with unresolved issues in our lives in relation to God, others and ourselves. These unresolved issues can become the catalyst for unhealthy emotions and behaviors in our lives that can cause dysfunction and bring harm, impacting our loved ones and diminishing our relationship with God. The processes of Genesis are designed to help you experience growth through understanding what’s missing in your life and how it affects you and your relationships, including your relationship with God.

The Bridge to a new beginning is a part of church life under HEALING AND CARE MINISTRIES. It is a place of love, acceptance and hope through the work of the Holy Spirit, to help you deal with the problems of life. We want you to experience the Agape love of others to help you change and be successful.

The program runs on Sunday mornings from January through to May. We offer an Introductory Meeting to inform you of the processes used to bring hope. There is a simple application process for those who wish to participate. Space is limited.

Contacts:  Pastor Paul Starratt or Audrey Quay at the church office (604.253.2700) for further information.