Stuck Sermon Series

Stuck Sermon Series

Imagine yourself in a season where you are feeling stuck, and you decide to talk to your pastor about it. What biblical advice would you get? What would the pastor say? How would the pastor approach your situation? That's exactly what we are going to discover in this series. Each week a pastor will diagnose the problem and present practical ways to get unstuck.

November 20 – Stuck in my faith (I’m a luke-warm Christian, what do I do?)

November 27 – Stuck with no purpose (I live a mundane, boring life, what do I do?)

December 4 – Stuck and alone (I’m lonely, what do I do?)

December 11 – Stuck in a rut (I’m burnout, tired, exhausted, what do I do?)

No 6 pm service on December 4 or 11

November 20, 2022
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