Money, Sex and Power - Sermon Series

Money, Sex and Power - Sermon Series

These are ‘the big three’ in life, aren’t they? It seems you can trace every scandal, every challenge, and every battle to one or more of these three: money, sex and power. How should a follower of Jesus interact with these three giants of human experience? What advice, what guardrails, and what recommendations can we find in the Bible? That is what we will be looking at in this powerful series.

  • MONEY:  God Owns It - Sunday, January 8
  • MONEY:  Overcoming Greed - Sunday, January 15
  • SEX:  God Designed It - Sunday, January 22
  • SEX:  Overcoming Lust - Sunday, January 29
  • POWER:  God Controls It - Sunday, February 5
  • POWER:  Overcoming Pride - Sunday, February 12

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January 8, 2023
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