Life Hacks Sermon Series

Life Hacks Sermon Series

Looking for practical solutions to everyday problems? Join us for our new sermon series, Life Hacks! From simple tips to life-changing strategies, we'll explore practical solutions to help you navigate the challenges of everyday life. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive!

Join us as we explore a range of fascinating topics, including:

• How Should I Respond to the Failures of Others?
• Why Do Some Churches Shrink and Die?
• What Is the Best Way to Reach People for Jesus?
• Is It Possible to Hear God’s Voice?
• Will Christ-Followers Be Judged by God?
• What Traps Should a Christ-Follower Look Out For?  
• How Should We Respond to a Rebellious Christ-Follower?
• What Does the Bible Teach Regarding Sex?
• What Advice Does the Bible Offer Single Christ-Followers?
• What Advice Does the Bible Offer Married Christ-Followers?  
• How Should a Christ-Follower Handle Divisive Issues?
• How Can I Know When I Am Spiritually Unhealthy?
• How Can a Christ-Follower Make Wise Decisions?
• Does God Care About My Appearance?
• Do I Have to be ‘Good Enough’ to Receive Communion?
• What Does the Bible Teach Regarding Spiritual Gifts?
• What Is Love and How Can It Guide Me?
• What Is the Gift of Tongues All About?
• What Does God Look for in a Worship Service?
• What If Jesus Did Not Rise from the Dead?
• What Kind of Bodies Will Christ-Followers Have in Heaven?
• How Can I Pay My Bills (And Still Be Generous)?

Don't miss out on this exciting journey of discovery!

March 12, 2023
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