Awaken to who God is and to who we are in Him,
to His truth, to His power, to His love.

At the heart of all existence lies a love that knows no bounds – God's love, an eternal flame that burns brighter than the sun and gentler than a whispering breeze. It's a love that transcends human comprehension, reaching into the deepest crevices of our souls, where doubts and fears reside. This divine love is a relentless force, forever seeking to draw us closer, to envelop us in its tender embrace. It's a love that remains unwavering even in our moments of weakness, a constant presence that guides, forgives, and uplifts.

There are times when we forget this love - when the weight of the world, the chaos of life and its unending noise, becomes all too overwhelming, and the voice of God seems so incredibly small. And yet this simple truth remains: the love of God is present in the darkest of times, the highs and lows of this unpredictable life. No matter the circumstance, it is there, an immovable force, bound to each of us for all eternity. It’s time to awaken ourselves to that love once again.

Guest Speaker

Joanne Goodwin

Joanne is a dynamic and inspirational speaker. She uses her incredible gift of humour to deliver powerful messages dealing with mental health issues and the chaos of life. As a gifted communicator, she leaves her audiences laughing and crying, but mostly changed. Joanne earned her Masters’ degree in Theology from Tyndale University and Seminary and she is also a former co-host of a Montreal radio talk show. She has appeared several times on 100 Huntley Street. She speaks at events in many different Christian denominations. Joanne and her husband Joe have 3 adult children and 12 amazing grandchildren. Did we mention she’s a cancer survivor? All of Joanne’s experiences paired with her incredible story-telling skills add up to an experience you won’t soon forget!


Don’t come to awaken alone.

Invite a friend, family member, neighbour, or colleague to join you. You are welcome to spend this evening with us even if you are not a member of Broadway Church. It is crucial that we surround ourselves with other women who will support and uplift us as well as keep our eyes fixed on what really matters. Aligning our faith, let's rely on one another.


Hey! Want to join me for awaken?
It's a Ladies Night at Broadway Church on Friday, October 13, at 7:00PM PST.
We'll worship, hear from our guest speaker Joanne Goodwin...
It's going to be such a fun, special night. Let me know!


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